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There are very few people in our country’s history who can instantly stir up national controversy like our president Donald Trump. His tweets dominate the news cycle on a daily basis and his presidency is the ultimate reality show that has captivated a worldwide audience for the last two years. Love him or hate him, nobody can seem to stop talking about him, celebrities, journalists, pundits, even our children, all feel the need to express how disgusted they are by the leader of our nation’s government. Anyone who supports Trump will generally keep their opinions to themselves out of fear of social stigmatization by one’s friends, coworkers, and family members. Actors in Hollywood risk getting blacklisted and unemployed if they even agree with something Trump does or says. Media coverage of the president has been shown to be 90% negative about our president and often times even untrue. Anything good Trump does policy wise is never given coverage. Why do people hate this man so much? Our mainstream media, working together with the Democrats and Trump’s most vocal critics, have been calling for Trump’s impeachment since before he even took office. They perpetuated lies and falsehoods about Trump’s character all throughout the election season, and they just doubled down to continue the character assassination after he won.

Lies, bias, and Trump derangement syndrome

Ask any anti Trumper what it is about what Trump has done policy wise that cause them to hate someone so much, and you probably will not get an answer. These people ironically are the ones who on a daily basis talk the most about president Trump, usually to complain about what a horrible person he is. However, the reasons they detest this man have more to do with Trump’s personality or what they think they know about Trump as a person. Often times they will act like they know Trump’s inner thoughts and emotions as well as what he really meant when he says something. They hear a few soundbites taken out of context and they draw whatever conclusions they want to. CNN and MSNBC do this all the time.


We can no longer trust our media sources. Two years of lies and propaganda and they still don’t get it.

Without a doubt Trump makes outrageous statements all the time, but even after he already has clarified what he meant when he said that, these mainstream media outlets will attribute the worst possible interpretations to his statements and report them as proven facts. In Trump’s first speech when he announced he was running for president, news networks would repeatedly play the soundbite where he talked about Mexican rapists and they would tell their audience that Trump was calling all Mexicans rapists, even though anyone who watched the whole speech knew Trump was talking about illegal immigrants and the fact that 70% of women crossing the border illegally get raped during that hard journey. During Trump’s first year as president, our media sources spread the next hoax about Trump’s comments on Charlottesville, saying he called the racists Neo Nazis and white supremacists “fine people.” He immediately clarified that he did not mean those groups when he said “fine people”, but of course that part of the conversation was never included in the news coverage in the next few months. Even today, after the Charlottesville hoax has been widely debunked, people will often still bring up Charlottesville as proof that Trump is a racist.

When Trump shut down the government in order to build a wall on our southern border, the media and Democrats tried to spread the lie that the crisis at the border was entirely manufactured and that we do not really have an illegal immigration problem, meanwhile caravans are organizing on a daily basis from other countries in addition to Mexico. Another liberal talking point was that illegal immigrants actually committed less crime than Americans, which is blatantly untrue and this is evident if you look at our jail populations. The most vocal liberals would act all self-righteous on TV and cry about how Trump was cruelly separating children from their parents and locking kids up in cages, even though the photos of the kids in cages were actually taken during Obama’s presidency. And the truth about the child separation was that many of these kids were being trafficked by Mexican human traffickers posing as their parents, and the separation was in the interests of protecting these children and verifying their parents’ identities. The New York Times later reported that Trump was actually right and the crisis at our border was in fact real.  Never mind the fact that just a few years ago these same Democrats agreed with Trump and securing the border was of the utmost importance. The truth of the matter was the Democrats needed a new voting demographic, because they were gradually losing the minority vote in America which they had always taken for granted in the past. This is also why they are so against voter ID laws, because this creates a situation where illegal immigrants can vote without any ID.

This has become quite a predictable pattern that keeps repeating to those of us observing objectively. Trump consistently makes hyperbolic statements that news media will predictably become outraged about and later on subsequent events will prove Trump right every time. Trump’s critics’ hypocrisy and lies are eventually exposed publicly and they will immediately move on to something new to be outraged about, the news media will bring on guests and scholars to talk about how we have reached a new low for our presidents, and then later on when all the facts are revealed, Trump is proven right once again and his critics just look ridiculous. And it’s amusing that they never apologize, or admit they were mistaken, or report a correction. They just move on to their next objection about Trump on their long laundry list, as if nothing just happened.

The most recent lie or hoax that was debunked was the whole Russian collusion controversy, probably the most damaging one to our government institutions and public sentiment. The idea was that Trump was such a despicable human being that he could not have possibly won the 2016 election legitimately, and he must have had help from the Russians. Who knew that the Russians had so much power and influence that they could actually fix our national presidential election? How did they do this exactly? By setting up fake social media profiles and buying about $100000 of facebook ads and spreading lies about the candidates to their social media followers in the key swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. If anyone actually saw some of these Russian ads please comment because I never have and I would love to see them. Also, I would love to hear from anyone who realizes now that they were tricked by the Russians into voting for Trump. This strategy apparently worked despite the $1 billion dollars of anti Trump advertising on television that was bought by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Even as president, there was speculation that Trump was actually a secret Russian agent. As bizarre an explanation as this sounds, half the population in America actually still believe that this is how Trump won.

Russian Collusion Delusion

Everyone eagerly awaited the Mueller report, which would undoubtedly provide sufficient proof to remove Trump from office. All the media pundits prematurely assumed Trump to be guilty of being a Russian agent and they anticipated the Mueller report would fully corroborate the narrative they had been telling us. Now that the report has been released, the Democrats’ reaction to it was as predictable as ever. After Attorney General Barr summarized the Mueller report, stating that after 2 years of investigation and $25 million spent by Mueller’s team, the investigation found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Trump knew he was innocent all along and all of us who supported him knew there would be nothing there. Trump had tried to stop the investigation in the beginning because he knew it was a waste of time and resources, he was not trying to obstruct justice. This sham of an investigation was initiated based on a false dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and involved very corrupt elements in Obama’s department of justice and senior officials in our intelligence agencies. Now that the truth is out, can we expect our government to finally get to work on important issues facing our country? No, Democrats in our government want to open new investigations, they read the same report and they are demanding that the report be released completely unredacted. They want Mueller to come in and testify to Congress and they are holding Attorney General Barr in contempt and they want to put him in jail for assisting Trump in obstructing the investigation of a crime that never happened. It is clear these people are so blinded by their hatred and their Trump Derangement Syndrome that they will never be happy until Trump is out of office and the irony is that they will more than anything else, probably help Trump get reelected the most.

The Truth about Trump’s presidency

Trump’s critics all live in a fantasy world, a world where they consider themselves to be intelligent thinkers, who are unbiased and capable of critical thinking. The truth is their minds are extremely biased and full of fabricated delusions about this president. And a lot of them are just plain stupid . In their world, America is still deeply rooted in racism and slavery and they feel the only people who succeed in America are those who are born rich and never had to work hard for what they have. Their hatred for this man is so deeply ingrained that nothing you can show them that contradicts their worldview will change their mind. To them, Trump is a racist or at least a part of the racist patriarchy, and it wouldn’t matter if he was able to bring the lowest unemployment rate among minorities in American history, it wouldn’t matter if he spoke out against racism, it wouldn’t matter if he appointed several minorities to his administration or gave Tiger Woods the Presidential Award of Excellence or whatever. The truth is that President Trump is probably one of the least racist politicians we have ever had in our government. And as much as Trump has always wanted to be welcomed by the true wealthy patriarchy in this country, those uppity snooty people would never accept him into their exclusive group.

Throughout his career before politics, there are numerous accounts of Trump giving minorities or women senior management positions in his company. And being a woman or minority had nothing to do with it, he just wanted the best people regardless of race. Treating people differently or favorably because of their race and gender is the exact definition of racism or sexism. The left are the real racists these days, they don’t want equal treatment for everyone, they believe they deserve better treatment and advantages for oppressed groups. They want equality of outcome not equality of opportunity. A common misconception about Trump often repeated is that Donald Trump is an idiot. I would argue that Trump is quite possibly a political genius who understands human nature, negotiation, and psychology at a much higher level than most of our politicians. He effortlessly won the Republican nomination against 17 very capable career politicians and then went on to beat the most qualified candidate in the Democrat party. No Russians helped him win. There were sinister forces within the Obama government actively working to prevent his victory and he still won because us supporters could see what was going on and we were angry about it. The real reason why our career politicians are against Trump is because the party is over for them. They enjoyed years of wealth and power at a relatively easy job where they are never held accountable and they are able to become incredibly wealthy during a brief career in Washington. They have cushy relationships with lobbyists and special interests and as long as they can keep getting reelected they can enjoy their gravy train, sometimes never even improving the lives of their constituents in their home states.

I didn’t really like Donald Trump as a person before he decided to enter politics. I had heard him interviewed on the Howard Stern show and I thought he was entertaining, but really I just figured he was a typical rich celebrity type. After he announced his plans to run for president, I became fascinated with the entire race and the media’s coverage of this guy. Immediately I noticed the way the media would try to distort whatever Trump would say out of context and how much they would ridicule his campaign and dismiss him as a serious contender. They did not really do this with any other candidate and they would give Trump more coverage than anyone else. Besides that Trump was the only candidate who felt the immigration issue was very important and he brought that topic front and center in the debates. And I mostly agreed with his views on immigration. I still don’t approve of some of the immature things he says, but I enjoy watching the reactions of his haters.

Shortly after his initial announcement, I read Trump’s book Crippled America, in which he outlines all the problems he currently saw in America and he very thoughtfully and coherently discusses how he would address these issues if he was president. After reading that book I was a Trump supporter and I would closely follow the election campaign or the next year or so. For those of you who claim Trump has no plan, read that book. Trump has given serious thought to all the different issues affecting America and this is evident in everything he has already done as president. Trump was different, he would talk about real solutions instead of vague political jargon that regular politicians repeat nonstop. I considered Hillary Clinton too, but I did not have the slightest idea of what her agenda as president would be, she rarely ever spoke about it. It seemed to me, she just really wanted to be president. Trump wanted to be president because he wanted to save a nation that was in trouble and headed in the wrong direction. Of all the candidates, he was the one who didn’t really need the job yet he was the only one who genuinely wanted the job. He was not beholden to special interests and his campaign was self funded, which meant he could truly keep his campaign promises. He said he wanted to bring back jobs, and stop illegal immigration, and get us out of unnecessary wars in other countries, and keep us safe from ISIS, and I believed him. And all the false narratives reported about Trump were so obviously politically motivated and I lost respect for a lot of respected journalists after witnessing that fiasco.

Finally, a president who puts Americans first

Many critics I have spoken to are concerned that Trump would use the presidency to enrich himself and his family. To that I would say if his desire was to become even richer, he should have never run for president, in fact I think he’s taking a reduction in pay by taking the job and way more people are watching everything he does, it would be impossible for him to use his position to scam money from the people. We all know he was rich before he got elected, he didn’t need the job. And this is his legacy. The man is a narcissist so I am sure he would want his presidency to be remembered in the history books as the greatest presidency in America’s history. In order to do that, his presidency has to produce a period of renewed prosperity and economic boom and a period of peace in the world. So really, his interests are directly aligned with the interests of the American population and doing a good job for America is the way he himself would gain the most out of being president. There is no scenario where he can gain much by screwing over the American people. And unlike other presidents before him, he has no interest in keeping the military industrial complex or pharmaceutical or oil companies happy. These companies have for decades perpetuated unnecessary wars and suffering all for money and with the support of our previous presidents and politicians. What is humorous is seeing all these politician presidential wannabes publicly call Trump a fascist dictator, an authoritarian, someone who wants to destroy democracy, when these people are the ones acting exactly how they accuse the president of acting . I laughed out loud when I read about how there was concern that Trump would refuse to leave office if he lost the 2020 election. Just like in 2016, people were already worried that Trump would not accept the results of the election. Election Day 2020 will be and even greater day than 2016 and it will certainly be amusing to watch these crybabies melt down all over again.

President Trump’s Accomplishments

Despite opposition from Congress at every turn, continuous investigations and conspiracies to frame him as a criminal, President Trump has unquestionably managed to accomplish a lot for America. Those in the mainstream media will constantly talk about Russian collusion and impeachment, but Trump is not one to let that deter his agenda. The man works nonstop for his age, probably gets 3 hours of sleep a day and he is on all the time. For one thing, Trump seems to be the first president in my lifetime who had a real understanding of the economy and world trade. Before he was president I had no idea that countries like China were taking advantage of us for many years. Obama and Bush had no idea about trade deals so they just let other countries take all of our manufacturing jobs, with no clue how it would affect Americans. With president Trump, the American economy has risen to brand new heights and has become the envy of the world. Trump has also shown a much higher skill set at dealing with various world leaders, other countries now respect America whereas before they just took advantage of us. In many ways, Donald Trump’s presidency has been the most successful presidency to benefit the American people in our country’s history. It has been a time of peace and security, an economic boom, and America is getting their middle class back and ending political correctness. Ignoring the complaints from the naysayers, Trump has brought results that most of America desires, as well as being great entertainment for all of us. Record low unemployment rates for all groups of color and women, and Trump is enjoying record levels of support from Hispanic Americans and African Americans. All of Trump’s opponents want to continue the nonsense investigations thinking in their delusional worlds that it is a winning strategy for 2020. These people are dangerous for America and need to be voted out because they do not have our best interests in mind.

In conclusion, my advice is to wake up America. Stop watching this political drama on TV. It is designed to boost ratings and divide our population. If you are going to keep consuming the media coverage, get the full story, listen to both perspectives. Being politically active is great, but being hypocritical or sanctimonious is very annoying. Its fine if you hate our president, but that hatred should not blind you to anything good he does as president. Ask yourself if your life has gotten worse or better since he took office. Did you enjoy his tax cuts or did you save some money this year because he got rid of the Obamacare mandate? Is your hatred of Trump based on lies? If you think we should allow illegal immigrants into our country, how many would you say is too many? And do you actually know or like the policy agenda of the candidate you are supporting?

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  1. I must say that this article is very interesting and helpful. AS I was reading I actually learned some more staff about president Trump and honestly, I like him. I think that he has something that admires people as a layer or not, people like him. I gave my voice to him and I don’t regret that.

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