The Illegal Immigration Controversy

A subject of major debate lately in the United States is the question of how we can stop the crisis of illegal immigration.  Since October of last year, there have been over half a million apprehensions of undocumented immigrants attempting the cross the southern border.  These people not only come from Mexico, but thousands of these migrants are fleeing from even poorer Latin American countries like Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatamala.  Furthermore, many of these people are criminals who are not wanted by their native countries.  The word is out that the United States has a broken immigration system and people are instructed to claim asylum when they get to the border and they will either be detained in a detention center on the border awaiting a court date with the judge, or they may even just be released into the United States if there is no room in the detention center.  The numbers of people attempting to cross has surged in the past few months because our leaders in DC are too much at odds politically that no solution is able to be reached.

Legal Immigrants vs. Illegal Immigrants

A major problem in the illegal immigration debate between the Republicans and Democrats is that the Democrats refuse to acknowledge the distinction between the one million legal immigrants that legally immigrate to the US each year and the thousands of illegals who either sneak across the border or overstay their visas.  The legal immigrants follow the law, patiently wait in line, go through the process that usually takes a few years, and they genuinely want to assimilate and become Americans.  They get jobs, educations, learn English, and pursue their American dream.  The undocumented immigrants on the other hand, have no desire of becoming legal, they want to come here and take advantage of all the benefits available to them, they send money back to their families in Mexico or other Latin American countries, they rarely learn much English, and they seem more interested in turning America into the third world hellhole they came from.  They are willing to be deported many times and they will keep sneaking back, and many of them will have many children born in America and they take advantage of our healthcare system, our welfare system and there is a whole group of American advocates and attorneys that are available to assist them with exploiting our system.  Many will file fraudulent tax returns, some of them vote illegally, and since they are undocumented, no one really knows their identities.  A large number of them commit crimes and spend time in our prison system, where they often live even better than they do back home.

America wants immigrants who want to become American

Now there are plenty of illegal immigrants who come here truly seeking a better life.  They work hard, they do not commit any crimes and they are generally good people.  However, being illegal and undocumented, they are breaking the law if they don’t make the effort to become legal while they are here.  Granted, the process is difficult and expensive, but we don’t need more illegals, and the ones that are here already are the main reason why more and more keep coming.  We don’t even really know how many undocumented immigrants live in the US right now, estimates are at over 30 million, but no one could be sure.  The question that Trump keeps asking the Democrats, is how many is enough and how many is too many?  Of course the Democrats can never give him an answer, they just resort to tired platitudes like “We’re a nation of immigrants.” or “There is no crisis.”  Trump sees the benefits that immigrants bring our nation, he just simply wants them to come in legally on their own merits.  We cannot possibly accept anyone, no matter what.  No other country does and if America wants to preserve their standing economically and culturally in the world, we only want the best and the brightest that the rest of the world has to offer.  We don’t need other countries’ criminals, or poor or uneducated, we have plenty of our own American lowlifes.  Too many in fact, and we couldn’t get rid of them if we wanted to, no other countries in the world would be willing to take them.

America has no shortage of poor people, thousands of Americans are homeless with nowhere to go

The United States is the only country in the entire world that is not able to manage a working immigration system.  People all over the world know that if they can get into the country, even illegally, chances of them getting caught or deported are quite small.  They will likely be able to find a community of other illegals to welcome them any where in America, and they would find plenty of support in finding employment or membership in a gang like MS13, and chances are even as poor undocumented immigrants, their quality of life will be a significant step up from what they are used to at home.  Their kids can go to schools here and they can even start businesses here in America.  In fact once they are in, there is absolutely no incentive to actually become legal, they would first have to leave the US and  it would just require much paperwork, and they would have to pay taxes to the government and get documented over a process that takes several years.  This is the reason why many will bring their families illegally because even if one family member did legally live here, the process of bringing the other members of their family over would be long and complicated if done legally.  If you try to go to any other country in the world, and you don’t have the proper visas in your passport, you are turned away and you are  not allowed in.  If you are visiting as a tourist, you are only permitted in a country for a set period of time, and they fully expect you to leave before your visa expires otherwise you may be arrested or not allowed to leave until further adjudication.

Walls work.  The wall would not stop all illegal immigration, but it would at the very least slow it down drastically, even without any border patrol people standing to guard it.

Trump has been in favor of an immigration system based on merit, and he has expressed this for the past few years.  His wall was simply a temporary solution that would possibly reduce the large numbers that gather to travel towards the border but unfortunately because of political gridlock, the wall has barely begun construction.  The Democrats keep insisting that Trump’s immigration policy is cruel and racist, this is a very disingenuous argument by our liberals and any American who cares about America can see how ridiculous this argument is.   The left’s hypocrisy becomes quite apparent when Trump suggested that they transfer the apprehended migrants at the border to all of our sanctuary cities where the local city governments claim to be welcoming to illegals and hostile towards ICE and any federal immigration laws.   Of course, the mayors of these cities did not want a huge influx of even more illegals to add to their undocumented population.  Many of these sanctuary cities, like San Francisco, one of the richest cities in the nation, already very much resemble third world countries, with a native born homeless population rampant out of control, human feces all over the streets and used syringes and widespread drug use everywhere you go and growing tent cities covering more and more of the city as income inequality grows worse and worse.


homelessness in San Francisco

Continuing to allow illegals into our country is racist.  Racist towards the immigrants legally here and racist towards the Americans who work our low income jobs that require little education.  

We absolutely must stop the flow of undocumented immigrants entering the country and we should only allow legal immigrants who are educated, with skills that Americans are lacking.  There are plenty of people like that from all over the world.  Once we stop bringing in illegals, illegals will stop trying to come if we build a wall and send a message to the world.  After that is sorted out, we should get rid of the undocumented aliens here who have violent criminal records, and offer the remaining law abiding hardworking ones a pathway to citizenship, especially the ones that have already been here for several years.   They should be given the opportunity to become legal by a certain date, and if they fail to do so, they shall also be deported.  In the meantime we should also punish any employers who hire illegal immigrants and require them to pay reasonable wages that American citizens would be willing to work for.   This is absolutely crucial for America, otherwise the tragic outcome we face if we continue to allow them to pour in is that America would become similar to those third world countries whose people overrun our streets and eventually the flow of people may reverse directions, and many Americans will be wanting to escape the hellhole America has become and try to migrate to places like Canada or Mexico.

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