America’s Booming Economy: Trump’s or Obama’s


Trump vs. Obama : Whose Booming Economy?

The success of one’s presidency is judged on a variety of metrics and a major one is the nation’s economy.  Even though often times, presidents have little to do with the economy as a whole, there are historically specific policies passed by certain presidents that would eventually lead to major economic disasters experienced by our country.  It is quite evident that the actions or policies of all of our previous presidents led to many American businesses moving their operations overseas to save money because of the high taxes and costly regulation compliance required in order to do business in America.  Corporations and politicians often take the globalist view, even at the expense of the people in their own country.  Politicians are bought and sold by different corporate interests and our elected leaders are often more concerned with pleasing their corporate backers and special interests over the needs of their voters.  They take us for granted because they don’t know how life is for us and their lives are pretty much on easy street for the remainder of their lives.

Anyone Who Criticized Obama Is a Racist

Obama, being the first Black president, was in a rather unique position in terms of criticism.  Having no experience prior to taking office, he had the full support of the mainstream media and the entire Democratic party behind him and to these people, he could do no wrong.  Everyone agreed he was inheriting an economic mess from the 2008 financial crisis that Bush Jr. ended his presidency on, and looking back, Obama did a fairly adequate job overseeing our economic recovery.  At the very least, things did not get worse on his watch and he does deserve credit for that.  However, some say the recovery did not reach its full potential and the country never fully got out of its recession over Obama’s 8 years where the national economy remained slow and stagnant.  The thing is it was almost impossible to publicly criticize Obama’s policies, which the Republicans often fully disagreed with.  Whenever GOP politicians spoke out against Obama’s actions as president, the Democrats would immediately attack the Republicans and call them racists, as in their criticism was solely due to the President being a Black man.  Obama was rarely criticized by the media news networks and anyone who criticized him was dismissed as a racist and not taken seriously.  This augmented the partisan divide between the two parties in Washington and made it practically impossible to work together to enact sensible policies.

Inexperienced Politicians

Looking back now, it is more plausible to believe that Obama was just in way over his head as President.  He was one of our youngest presidents, with almost no experience in politics, leadership, or international diplomacy.  He was a legal scholar, but nobody knows how long he actually practiced as a lawyer before becoming a senator for one term.  Nowadays, Obama travels around the world claiming that he is behind all the economic growth that we are experiencing now.  Liberals will claim Trump’s booming economy is simply Trump continuing all the great work Obama had laid the foundation for.  At the same time they complain that Trump is dismantling all the great regulations Obama had enacted into law.  During Obama’s presidency, one of his landmark achievements was the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, which supposedly provided health insurance coverage to millions of Americans who did not previously have coverage.  Health insurance companies could no longer turn away people for preexisting conditions and the lowest income individuals were provided subsidies for their health insurance while premiums skyrocketed for the rest of the healthier higher income folks, who were now legally mandated to have health insurance.  I remember I stopped having health insurance during these eight years because it was suddenly ridiculously unaffordable and I rarely ever got sick.   Obamacare would go on to put many small businesses out of business because they just could not afford to cover all their employees.  Ironically, the ones who profited the most from Obamacare, were the health insurance companies, who no longer had any cap or limit to how high they could charge for monthly premiums.  I have asked around, and it was not uncommon for a family of four to pay $3000-$4000 a month on health insurance.   Just for reference, the policy I had before Obamacare started, was about $60 a month for myself.

Big Government, Refugees, and Socialism

I really have to wonder what policies of Obama’s helped lead to the economic boom under Trump.  Obama raised taxes on the wealthier Americans, and passed numerous regulations that would strangle many American businesses and made it impossible to operate efficiently and profitably.  Obama had no understanding of the American economy or capitalist system.  His famous line “you didn’t build that.” was referring to any successful American who ever started their own business or company and succeeded in creating products that the public wanted, the exact definition of the American Dream.  Strangely, Obama was not familiar with that idea.  He was not really familiar with the experience of the poor black man in America either, but the longer he was president, he began to play the victim  more and he gladly embraced the victim identity that Democrats had assigned to him, which would further divide the nation.  He was somewhat of a socialist in his ideology, he wanted to expand the government and had no practical understanding about how much everything would cost, he thought spying on American citizens was ok and he launched more drone strikes than any other president in history.  He also passed DACA, allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal alien kids brought by their parents, to stay in America, but he did not give them citizenship.

Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Black Lives Matter, Gigwork

During Obama’s presidency, many major cities all across America deteriorated into poverty and desolation as most quality jobs were scarce and I recall these years were the time of the gig sharing economy, where many Americans were forced to participate in the job market disruption created by tech companies like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Instacart.  Crime rose in major cities and Obama’s rhetoric would intensify racial tensions between the black communities and police officers, pushing the false narrative that our country was full of racist police departments lynching innocent black people.  Obama would travel the world apologizing to other countries for America’s past greatness, meanwhile thousands of American jobs in American companies would leave and become outsourced to other developing third world countries where the lack of regulations would make it much cheaper to do business.   Obama’s presidency overall would increase our national debt to $19 trillion, would result in the end of manufacturing jobs in America, and would also give rise to ISIS in the Middle East.

The Real Candidate of Hope and Change   

Trump also had no experience with politics, however he was a successful businessman and he had a lifetime public record of various accomplishments as well as various failures.  He had thought of being president for at least a decade and during his campaign, he plainly spoke about what his exact agenda for the country would be if he was elected.  He was no politician and that was what we all liked about him.  He was not funded by lobbyists or special interests so he was not beholden to anyone.  I remember Obama ran on hope and change but once he got in office, I realized he was no different than all the other politicians.  He would continue the wars in the Middle East started by the Bush administration and all his actions in the financial crisis would end up benefiting the banks responsible for the crash.  Trump was the true candidate of hope and change and ever since he was inaugurated, we have seen him transparently fulfilling all of his campaign promises, despite all the forces in Washington trying to undermine his presidency.  Trump promised jobs, and we saw millions of manufacturing jobs return to America as Trump got rid of the Obama era regulations and negotiated international trade deals with our trading partners who had been taking advantage of us for decades.  Obama had previously claimed that those jobs were never coming back.   Trump abandoned the globalist TPP and instead would execute new negotiated deals with individual countries depending on the details of our relationship with the specific country.


Make America Great Again

In Trump’s first two years of president, we have witnessed our economy rapidly improve like never before.  The stock market has hit record highs and the booming economy has benefited all Americans.  In the latest jobs report in April 2019, we have seen unemployment decline to 4.2 % for African Americans and Hispanics and wages in low wage industries is at its highest.  As a result of cutting regulations, consumer confidence under Trump has risen as well as investment by businesses.  Trump has added millions of new manufacturing jobs and America’s economy is the envy of the world.  Furthermore, the United States is enjoying a period of peace in the world, ISIS is weakened, and negotiations are progressing with North Korea and Iran.  If Barack Obama wants credit for anything, he can take credit for creating the conditions in the country that led to Trump’s election.

In conclusion, Obama does deserve credit for bringing our nation out of the 2008 recession, he did not make things worse, but many will argue that his economic recovery was slow and stagnant.  Obama increased deficit spending, increased the national debt, and he allowed many of the quality jobs to leave America.  He lacked any understanding of the economy and business and it showed in his policies, which were designed to abandon any economic leadership America once had in the world.  Instead of hope and change, Obama’s policies largely reflected what everyone disliked about all our previous presidents.  He gave the banks and health insurance companies even more power to the point that they were too big to fail and he made many of America’s leading industries government sponsored.  Trump, on the other hand, was able to bring back many of the quality manufacturing jobs and now many products are able to be made in America again.  Trump was able to make America a leader in the world again, and our economy is the envy of the world and he has the respect of other world leaders.  His unpredictable global diplomacy was able to keep the peace in the world and we actually now have a working relationship now with adversaries like North Korea, China, and Russia.  We are finally working on fair trade deals with our trading partners and other countries no longer are taking advantage of our economically challenged globalist leaders.

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