Welcome to a website I started for the purposes of educating, enlightening, spreading truth, debunking often repeated lies, and informing the American public of the hard facts about our incredible president Donald Trump. We have all seen how our mainstream media shamelessly lied to us for two years about the Russian collusion nonsense. They have since doubled down but those of us who have been paying attention now they have been lying about a lot more.


Until the 2016 election, I never cared much about politics. I thought it was all mostly bullshit and our politicians were all bought off by the same corporations and special interests. Throughout most of my life, I did notice that no matter if we had a Republican or Democrat in office, our government seemed to spend a ridiculous amount of time and money handling problems in other poorer nations sometimes even when their presence was unwelcome, meanwhile the United States would struggle with poor education, rising crime and drugs and gun violence, and out of control illegal immigration. Politicians would never address this and that always irritated me. Even when Trump brought it up the news media ridiculed him on national TV, while millions of us quietly agreed with him 100%. For most of my younger years I leaned more liberal, as in I supported drug legalization and was pro-choice and supported racial and gender equality. I still support those things today but that’s about all i have in common with the liberals of today. I identify politically as independent and I voted for Trump in 2016. In my opinion, the capitalist system of government works best and people should be free to live as they please as long as it doesn’t affect others. I think anyone can succeed in America, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, so I am against affirmative action and I don’t really believe in white privilege. I know climate change is real but I do not believe there is much we can do about it.


Conservative Americans do not seem to have a voice in America. They are actually the new tolerant people in America, the ones who will let people be who they are and judge them individually by their character as opposed to what persecuted group they belong to. They believe that anyone in America, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, can work hard and will have the opportunity to succeed in America. Mostly, the government should stay out of our business and our lives. Bottom line, the liberal media is dangerous and we will be headed to third world socialism if we let them get away with doing what they want. I used to think of both the Republicans and Democrats as the party of old rich white guys. In many ways they still are, many career politicians from both parties are very much the problem with our government and before Trump came along, I imagine they enjoyed their comfortable lifestyles and fat paychecks for a job where they are never held accountable and their voters are the ones who suffer. So of course they will try to make Trump’s job difficult if not impossible. But thanks to Trump, just about every American is paying close attention to our political reality show in DC and everyone has an opinion despite not being fully informed. Most American’s opinions can be determined by which news network they watch and the result is we have about two halves of the population living in two distinctly different realities.


I am going to be upfront about this and state clearly that the goal of my site is to get Trump reelected for president in 2020 because I strongly believe that outcome would be best for all Americans. President Trump’s first presidential term has yielded numerous accomplishments of historical proportions and these accomplishments are almost never reported in the mainstream media. Supporters of the president are often ridiculed at work or on late night talk shows or social media or in Hollywood and this website aims to change that. This site welcomes liberals and conservatives, anyone who cares about America and willing to critically think about the important issues facing our nation with an open mind and a willingness to leave from their partisan positions and their confirmation bias. It is my opinion that most Americans generally want the same things and the sooner everyone can speak honestly the better off we will be as a country. Furthermore, this site seeks to provide a forum for all Americans to express their opinions about politics and policy. Facts are important, but everyone should be reminded from time to time that we do not all have to agree on everything.

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