Presidential Accomplishments in 2019

1/29/2019  The Pentagon announced plans to send thousands of additional troops to the southern border, further demonstrating Trump’s commitment to securing the border.

2/1/2019    Those left out of the economy came flooding back in as the labor participation rate reached its highest point in six years.

2/4/2019    Thanks to pressure from the US, more than 8 European nations joined the US in recognizing Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

2/5/2019     President Trump announced a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, further demonstrating his administration’s commitment to a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

2/5/2019    President Trump asked Congress to support the United States Reciprocal Trade Act, giving the president power to impose tariffs on countries who unfairly cheat on trade with the US.

2/6/2019     The United States hosted the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS demonstrating America’s commitment prevent any resurgence in ISIS’s strength.

2/14/2019     The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created over 8000 opportunity zones that are set to create thousands of jobs and spur investment in communities left behind by the economic recovery.

2/25/2019    President Trump announced American citizen Danny Burch was freed after 18 months in captivity in Yemen.  This would be the 20th American captive released since Trump became president.

2/27/2019    President Trump signed bipartisan legislation permanently reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund and creating three new national monuments, two of which will honor civil rights leaders.

2/28/2019     Initial estimates demonstrate US gross domestic product grew at 2.9% in 2018, far above the sluggish gains under President Obama.

3/1/2019      The Trump Administration applied financial sanctions to members of the Maduro regime, who worked to block the flow of humanitarian aid to the country.

3/5/2019     President Trump has added nearly 5 million jobs since taking office just two years ago.

3/7/2019     According the National Federation of Independent Businesses monthly survey, small business hiring was at an all-time high in February.

3/8/2019    The U.S. and South Korea signed a new cost sharing agreement for troop deployments, demonstrating President Trump’s commitment to supporting South Korea while ensuring our allies pay their fair share.

3/8/2019     February 2019 marked the 7th straight month of 3% or better wage growth as gains reached 3.4%, the best in a decade.

3/8/2019     The national unemployment rate has remained at or below 4% for a full year.

3/9/2019      Labor force participation is at a 5 year high as Americans left behind by President Obama are flooding back into the labor market thanks to President Trump’s pro-worker policies.

3/15/2019     The United States Treasury Department sanctioned six Russian individuals and eight entities in response to Russia’s unjustified and illegal aggression in Ukraine.

3/15/2019     The State Dept. announced Sec. Pompeo would travel to Kuwait, Lebanon and Israel, underscoring the Administration’s commitment to the war against terrorism, and its unwavering support for Israel.

3/15/2019     The U.S. posted nearly 7.6 million open jobs in January, there are now 1 million more open jobs than unemployed persons.

3/18/2019     The Trump Administration has successfully appointed 91 Judges to the bench including 2 to the Supreme Court, 36 to Circuit Courts and 53 to District Courts.

3/19/2019     The U.S. and Brazil signed a technology safeguards agreement ensuring the proper handling and security of U.S. technology in efforts supporting joint space initiatives between the two countries.

3/20/2019      Ford is building a new factory in Michigan for autonomous vehicles; it’s expected to create nearly a thousand jobs by 2023.

3/20/2019      Secretary Pompeo met with the leaders of Israel, Cyprus, and Greece, emphasizing the Trump Administration’s desire to further improve the security and prosperity of all four countries.

3/22/2019     The Treasury Department sanctioned 14 individuals and 17 entities in a demonstration of the Administration’s commitment to curb the Iranian regime’s nuclear ambitions and provocative actions.

3/26/2019     The U.S. designated 9 individuals and 14 entities under Iran sanctions, showing the Administration’s commitment to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its destabilizing, provocative behavior.

3/26/2019     President Trump signed an executive order establishing targeted approaches to preparing for, protecting against, and responding to a human-made or naturally occurring Electromagnetic pulse in the U.S.

3/27/2019     The Labor Department announced $13.5 million in Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program grants, which provide services to assist in reintegrating homeless veterans into the labor force.

4/4/2019      President Trump met with representatives from the People’s Republic of China where he underscored his commitment to securing a fair trade deal protecting American goods and intellectual property.

4/5/2019      President Trump visited the Southern border where he underscored his commitment to securing the border and providing border officials the capacity needed to address the immigration crisis.

4/5/2019      The Treasury Department sanctioned 2 individuals and 33 entities under Venezuela related designations, reaffirming the Administration’s commitment to restoring democracy and freedom in Venezuela.

4/8/2019      The U.S. labeled Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization, demonstrating the Administration’s commitment to crack down on the regime’s destabilizing and illegal provocations.

4/9/2019      President Trump has added 5.1 million jobs since taking office in 2017.

4/9/2019      The unemployment rate for Hispanic Americans has now been below 5% for the last 11 months; prior to the Trump Administration, it had reached that mark just once in October 2006.  The African American unemployment rate has been at or below 7% for 14 months; prior to the Trump Administration, it reached that mark just once in April 2000.  The unemployment rate for women has been at or below 4% for a full year, the longest streak in almost 60 years.

4/9/2019      President Trump has successfully nominated 93 conservative judges, 54 to District Courts, 37 to Circuit Courts, and two to the Supreme Court.

4/11/2019      The EPA’s 2019 comprehensive annual report on greenhouse gas emissions shows a long-term trend in falling greenhouse gas emissions; since 2005, national greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 13%.